Daily Collective Energy Reading-October 8, 2021

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Daily Collective Energy Reading-October 8, 2021

Judgement w/ Duality

The collective energy moving into Friday October 8, 2021, brings forth Self-realization and understanding of both the positive and negative aspects of our lives. In the recent past, you may have been feeling so lower vibrating energies wrapped around feeling judged or even judging others. The Judgement card brings an understanding that the only approval you really need is your own. With the Oracle card of duality, you are moving into a more dualistic way of approaching certain individuals and situations that come to manifestation today. Good vs. evil, happy vs. sad, want vs. don't want are all examples of dualistic thinking. For every actions, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Spirit is nudging you to assess from which end of the spectrum you are operation out of. 

Ask yourself, "Am I doing my best with others, and with myself?". If you banned the labels you placed on yourself and others, it is likely you will attach less emotion to "bad" situations or drama that arises from operating out of lower vibrational thought processes. Detaching from judgements of a situation will assist in keeping your vibrational set point higher, which will in turn allow you to maneuver through situations that arise in a more successful manner.

Spirit is teaching you that your happiness is ultimately Your Choice. You can always reach a better feeling thought regardless of your circumstances. Forgive yourself for the moments where you fall short. It is in the process of becoming open and honest with your own duality that will bring forth your highest potential. To expand and evolve requires a deep forgiveness of Self. Embrace who you have been in the past, who you are today, and the beautiful being you are still becoming. As you do so, you are actively and consciously answering the calling of your Higher Self.   

As always, I wish you Love, Peace, and Happiness!

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