Daily Collective Energy Reading- October 7, 2021

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Daily Collective Energy Reading- October 7, 2021

The Lovers & King of Cups w/ Teaching

 The energy surrounding Thursday October, 7, 2021 places focus on the emotional love sector. I am picking up on a Masculine Energy who is coming to some clarity in regards to a decision in Love. The Lovers card represents a choice in allowing one's self to embrace a soul connection, whether it be with another person or within love for Self. Along with the King of Cups, Source is teaching us to find the sweet spot between  the empathic heart and intellectual mind. As we go through our journey in life, we experience a great number of lessons, the greatest lesson being how to give and receive Love. 

You may be sitting on the cusp of learning how to open your energy space up to the type of profound connection which allows two souls to intertwine and create a lasting bond filled with growth, vulnerability, honesty, intimacy and healing. If you are experiencing turbulence within your relationships, this energy is allowing you the opportunity to find your serenity by calmly choosing care and diplomacy over force.

Never despair that the seeds you have sown have failed to take root. Source is urging you to release attachments to the outcome in order to allow these connections to manifest naturally into your experience. While lasting partnerships are a beautiful gift from the Divine, it is important to learn how to give of yourself fully without weakening your resolve to remain whole. Allow your emotional intelligence to guide you as you seek to marry logic, kindness and love within you current relationships. Self-love is the ultimate key to finding balance in the duality of any relationship, whether it be the relationships you share with others or the relationship you have cultivated within your Inner Being. 

As always, I wish you Love, Peace, and Happiness!

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