Daily Collective Energy Reading- October 6, 2021

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Daily Collective Energy Reading- October 6, 2021

3 of Cups w/ Burden

As we enter into our day on Wednesday October 6, 2021, we are faced with the return of past energies and perhaps even past Love interests. The 3 of cups highlights friendship, community and soul contracts. Paired with the Oracle Card of Burden, indicates a need to allow old energies, that are no longer serving you, to resurface in order to release the lower vibrating energies and allow space for a higher vibrating manifestation to enter in. These energies are tied to your relationships both new and old. 

Through our best and worse times, the people we attract into our existence serve as a mirrors, allowing us to see who we are and out of what vibration we are operating. Your mutually loving and beneficial bond with these individuals carry vibrational attractions that are often ancient cycles playing out in your current experience. Therefore, any setbacks arising from miscommunication or disharmony with others, may be old wounds or patterns of thought resurfacing. Source is urging you to address any past burdens triggered by these individuals, so that we may find healing. If an important soul connection has gone awry, now is the time to make amends. 

As you release old patterns of thought, keep an open mind to the new energies Source is flowing into your reality. You are either beginning to attract more of what you heart desires or continuing old cycles in new faces. If you recognize old patterns appearing within new connections, as yourself "What energy is within me that is attracting this experience?" Going within will allow you to assess the pattern and release the cycles that are no longer serving you. 

As always, I wish you Love, Peace, and Happiness!

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