Daily Collective Energy Reading July 27, 2021

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Daily Collective Energy Reading July 27, 2021

3 of Pentacles and The Hierophant w/ Truth

The energy surrounding Tuesday , July 27, 2021 highlights the need to work together with others in you life as you search for your divine truth. If you have been stuck in outdated belief systems that no longer serve your highest good, Spirit is nudging you to expand your consciousness and ground your faith into the new version of you. The Hierophant works as a gateway between Divine Source and you, the seeker, so be open to new paradigm shifts, perspectives and individuals that will come into your life to teach you about yourself. Working with others will give you the opportunity to learn from one another and blend energies to create something totally new. Co-creating together For the greater good of the whole is a powerful magic that will bring forth new opportunities for growth.

If you are having difficulties with others, seek to align your goals in order to cultivate a peaceful reunion. Source is encouraging you to search for the truth of the situation, regardless of the emotions it brings up. Once you can remove yourself from the muck of lower vibrations, you can cultivate a new path that enables you to see the truth of the matter. Pay attention to the patterns around you and strive to understand your own internal compass. While others may be sent to you to serve as a guidance or a lesson, always remember the voice of your heart is the one voice that matters most.

As always, I wish you Love, Peace, and Happiness!

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