Daily Collective Energy Reading July 16, 2021

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Daily Collective Energy Reading July 16, 2021

The Magician w/ Feminine Energy

 The Collective Energy surrounding Friday, July 16, 2021 is one of great manifestation. The Magician is a powerful creator. Clarified with Feminine Energy, the Magician energy marks a moment where internal understanding of one's passive, nurturing qualities breed perhaps the strongest manifestations of his/her desires. You are being encouraged to embrace the Feminine Energy within you to bring fourth your heart's desires. Trust that all is as it should be in this moment. While there may be unknown elements surrounding you situation, you are the ultimate creator of your reality. Your guides are encouraging you to take it easy and allow your manifestations to come to you, rather than trying to force actions to create a desired outcome. 

If you are feeling less than inspired, rest in meditation for 15 minutes, allowing your higher Self the opportunity to bring forth powerful messages of creation and potential. Remember, you are the Magician of your life; a powerful creator with the ability to manifest your desires from the 5D into this 3D reality. YOU. ARE. MAGICAL. 

Speak these words of affirmation to yourself as you move throughout your day... "I can manifest the life I desire through energy and inspired actions". 

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